Blog writing is saved!

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Ok, my first attempt at writing a blog entry using a Windows Store App for writing and publishing went horribly bad.  I tried the application Net Writer only to find that it comes with some serious shortfalls.  My first choice for a blog writing applications is Open Live Writer which harkens to the Windows 7 Live suite of applications (included OneDrive, Family Safety, Movie maker, Live Photo and more).

Open Live WriterAt first glance it looks exactly like it did on Windows 7 so my initial thought was that it actually WAS the desktop version that I installed previously.  If it wasn’t from the App Store, then I could not justify using it for writing on a blog about using App Store apps only.

So I looked in the Store and found the blog writer app Net Writer.  I figured if I was going to do this experiment of using Windows Store Apps only, I was going to have to start now.

I soon found that it has a number of issues making it from hard-to-use to practically-useless!  And some features required you to purchase the “Pro” version at either $8 per year or pay a one-time fee of $16.

  • Can only log into one blog service unless you pay for “Pro”.
  • Can not save a draft, locally or on the server unless you pay for “Pro”.
  • Minimal text formatting options.
  • Images can only be resized, nothing else.
  • Could not publish to my blogger account.

So after wrestling with this, I ended up having to use the web editor to publish the first entry to my blogger account.

The following day I opened up this site for using, and took another look at Open Live Writer.  I found out it actually DID come from the Windows App Store and I was giddy! Woo hoo!  I immediately removed Net Writer from my system and hooked up Open Live Writer to my blogger blog and this WordPress blog.  For some reason I still could not get it to publish to my blogger blog but to WordPress it works like a charm!

Like any Microsoft editor, Open Live Writer hosts a ton of formatting options for text and images (such as the tilted icon above).  It even allows me to save it as a draft so I can tweak and publish the entry when it comes time.

Obviously, it will not scale well to a phone, but I am not sure how many people would be writing a blog on a phone.  The question is whether it has the ability to work with Continuum?


Windows App Store challenge

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The project that I am working on is based on the article Experiment: Using Windows Store apps exclusively for a week.  The idea is to be using Windows 10 using only the applications available through the Windows App store.  Sounds difficult doesn’t it.

I don’t see it as being too difficult because for a number of years I have been using Linux with the mission “to do everything in Linux that I do in Windows”.  I started this mission mid-2000s and around 2010-2012 I determined that I had succeeded.  I even managed to be able to use Linux without having to go to the Command Line, though I still did out of preference.

The other factor that makes trying an experiment like this is that most things are available as a cloud app.  In 2010 I managed to land one of Google’s first Chromebook, the Cr-48, as part of their test pilot program.  That pushed me to putting more of my life into the cloud and after that whenever I go from one system to another, so long as I have a browser I have my “baseline productivity”.

I started off using my blogger account to publish my experiences but found that the blog-writing apps don’t seem to like publishing to it.  It does work fine with this location, however, and so this will be a good place to record it.

Only downside is that I have no followers (*sniff*) so I’ll have to keep in mind that it may not be for a while until somebody reads these.

So if you are reading these and like them, or have constructive criticism or have an App to recommend, to try out, or want to mention or have some question drop a line and/or comment and I’ll try getting back t o you!


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I am putting together this blog as a place to share my experiences with Windows and general computing.  I am hoping to grow this but that depends on time, and whether anybody finds this blog or even finds it interesting.

Some of the topics or goals I hope here

  • Outline experiences with Windows 10, applications, etc.
  • A place to put out tidbits I learn as I explore programming in C# and ASP.NET further.
  • Somewhere to discuss integrating and merging of Windows and Linux into one cohesive ecosystem.
  • A place I can put up my predication so in time I can look back and see how wrong I am (or right).

So if any of this sounds like it could be interesting for you, join, read, comment and let me know what you think!